CARTMEL  the beginning -

Pat Jones started the original Cartmel      

kennels and for many years was actively

involved with many breeds of dogs. She

gave CC’s in the UK as well as judging

abroad in several breeds and it was back

in the 80’s that she obtained from Paddy

Holbrook O’Hara one of the first pairs of

Portuguese Water Dogs to have been sent from Portugal. From then on Pat invested more and more of  her time and energies on investigating and preserving this breed and in breeding  to pure Portuguese blood lines. Following Pat’s demise in 2008 the responsibility for this passed to me and, with the help of my wife Viv we have continued the Cartmel’s existence.

We actually started with dogs in the 70’s having fallen in love with a shaggy dog we had seen only to find that it was a Bearded Collie. 20 plus years later and having bred international champions and made up home bred champions as well as winning the working group in 1989 we were looking for something to have a bit of fun with..........

And so the partnership with Pat and the water dogs began.

In 2011 we decided we had outgrown our home and so another upheaval has resulted in us all settling in New York....Lincolnshire - Not USA  

We are available by e-mail or telephone to chat about water dogs.

***** Due to illness we have no plans to breed in the near future ******

Contact by e-mail

01205 751647

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