CARTMEL  the beginning -

Pat Jones started the original Cartmel kennels and for

many years was actively involved with many breeds of dogs.

She gave CC's in the UK as well as judging abroad in several

breeds  and it was back in the 80's that she obtained from Paddy Holbrook O'Hara one

of the first pairs of Portuguese Water dogs to have been sent from Portugal. From then

on Pat invested more and more of her time and energies on investigating and

preserving this breed  and endeavoured to keep the breeding pure to Portuguese blood

lines. Following Pats demise in 2008 the responsibility for this passed to Alan & Viv of

the Whistbrae Bearded Collies who had agreed to continue Cartmel's existence.

In 2011 Alan & Viv relocated into Lincolnshire settling in New York, just outside Boston

(yes in England not the USA!)having found a rural property with some acreage to allow

the dogs to relax and show more of their true nature.

No sooner had they got themselves and the dogs settled than the news came that Alan

had terminal cancer which led to a big rethink. Plans were put in place and time was

taken out for Alan to enjoy the dogs he loved.

Following Alan's death in 2017 Viv has now started again to look to the future and feels

ready now to again start helping the Portuguese Water Dog.

She is available by e-mail at cartmelpwd@btinternet.com or telephone to chat about her dogs or Portuguese Water Dogs in general although you may have to put up with dog interruptions  as their needs come first.

01205 751647

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